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AleThe previous 25 years have seen the rise of South Korean corporations globally. For the previous 25 years all of them have been following a sure creativity methodology known as TRIZ.

41000 Samsung staff are educated in TRIZ. Samsung filed 200 patents each week, (In accordance to Dr. Oleg Fagenson Principal Engineer Samsung Creativity Heart, Swon, South Korea).

What is this creativity technique, which is largely unknown in India,

TRIZ (Russian acronym for Principle of Ingenious Downside Fixing) is the painstaking life work of Genrikh Altshuler, a Russian inventor and patent examiner who, together with his college students, studied 40000 ‘sturdy’ patents over 3 many years, Systematic course of for ascertaining whether or not there is one underlying the creative thought.

The end result was TRIZ.

TRIZ was unknown to the world exterior the then USSR till Altschuller and his college students moved to the USA within the Nineties following the breakup of the Soviet Union.

As of 2019, 25 million patents have been examined from a TRIZ perspective and the fundamental construction of TRIZ devised by Altschuller stays intact.

Tries like this extracts of human creative expertise a century or extra.

To know TRIZ, we’d like to perceive what an ‘creative downside’ is.

On the core of each ‘invention downside’ are a number of contradictions.

If one tries to enhance one facet of a technical system, the opposite facet deteriorates. (Rising horsepower of the motor will increase the output however it will increase the noise, warmth era, energy consumption and so on.).

The standard method is to use a compromise – also known as ‘optimization’ – the place undesirable components are minimized to acceptable ranges whereas maximizing fascinating components.

An creative answer doesn’t contain customization. It resolves contradictions.

TRIZ has developed detailed strategies for formulating and resolving contradictions. The examination of thousands and thousands of patents confirmed that there are solely 40 methods to resolve contradictions in all science and know-how. Altschuller known as them “inventive theories”.

Thomas Edison used solely 5 of the 40 creative ideas.

One other key facet of TRIZ is the ‘improvement tendencies of technical programs’.

TRIZ has demonstrated that each one technological programs have a set path of improvement that makes their future extremely predictable.

The fundamental development is that of an “S” curve of delivery, progress, maturity and decline. As a technical system approaches maturity, innovation happens and a rival system performing the same perform is born. Initially the brand new technical system is inefficient, pricey and so on., however it quickly supersedes the previous one, which has reached a plateau, main to subsequent decline and even loss of life.

This has occurred, for instance, within the case of fixed-line telephones and cellphones, which made the previous irrelevant. Now the identical factor is being repeated between petrol/diesel vehicles and battery operated vehicles.

There are 9 main tendencies and lots of sub-trends inside this common development of the “S” curve. An important tendency is the “tendency to ideality”, which states that each technical system tends in the direction of its “ideality”. An ‘excellent’ technical system is a system that has no weight, no quantity, no bodily existence however performs its features. For many machines this is a theoretical assemble however there are technical programs that attain ideality. For instance, calculator, clock, voice recorder and calendar in good telephones. These should not have any bodily existence (they’re packages) however their respective features are carried out.

Different tendencies embody miniaturization, “dynamism” (elevated ‘levels of freedom’, shifting components, and so on.), progressively much less human involvement, merging with supersystems, and so on.

Understanding the place of a technical system on the “S” curve and the varied tendencies helps to predict with excessive likelihood how future developments will happen.

A 3rd essential facet of TRIZ is the deal with appropriately redefining the issue earlier than making an attempt to resolve it. Many scientists, after months or years of fruitless effort, had to revisit their downside and redefine it. TRIZ has elaborate strategies for redefining the issue and eliminating ‘psychological inertia’ (preconceived notions, rigidity of views, prejudice, and so on.) earlier than fixing it.

How does TRIZ stack up towards different creativity methodologies akin to SIX Sigma, Lean, Worth Engineering, Precept of Constraints, and so on.?

The strongest level of TRIZ is thought era (utilizing improvement tendencies, paradox decision). Whereas most different strategies use brainstorming – which is a weak technique of creativity.

TRIZ is very much less recognized in India. In accordance to the Worldwide TRIS Affiliation (www.matriz.org), which certifies TRIZ proficiency, As of 31.12.2021, there are solely 145 individuals with “Level-3” experience in TRIZ in India and none at Degree 4 or Degree 5. TRIZ at giant. Out of 4500 certificates awarded by MATRIZ globally in 2021, 3000 have been awarded to Chinese language who’ve many Degree 5 specialists (TRIZ Masters). Malaysia has TRIZ as an elective in all engineering programs and has even launched the easy idea within the college curriculum. We want to comply with Malaysia’s instance.

I’m TRIZ Degree-2 licensed by MATRIZ.

These items are being revealed as they’ve been acquired – they haven’t been edited/fact-checked by ThePrint.


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