When architect David Ling was trying for a brand new dwelling and workplace, a three-story red-brick constructing in Gramercy Park appeared like the precise place—even when it was a bit giant.

Google Maps Street View screenshot of NYC loft façade.

Google Maps Road View screenshot of NYC loft façade.

google maps street view

The penis actually solely wanted one ground for itself architectural practice And his private life, however could not resist the quaint 1920’s home.

He purchased the property in 2000 for $740,000 property listing record,

Ling informed Insider, “I have a history of buying spaces that are bigger than I need and then renting them out.” And that is precisely what he did with the Manhattan dwelling: Ling saved the primary ground for his personal use and leased out the higher two ranges.

“I like the idea of ​​sharing my location as a resource so that someone else can use and enjoy it,” Ling mentioned.

A drawbridge-style walkway separates the workplace on the entrance of the home from the residing area on the rear.

View of the first floor.

Overview of the residing area on the primary ground. There’s a blue characteristic wall on the finish of the area, proper close to the shallow moat that results in the floating mattress and waterfall.

Antoine Bootz for David Laing Architect

To create a distinction between the uncovered brick and uncooked woodwork, Ling opted for a semi-reflective ground. Ling mentioned he initially needed to make use of aluminum, however opted for an acrylic mirror as a result of it was cheaper.

“I hand-sanded it to give it a kind of matte but luminescent quality,” Ling mentioned. “When light falls on it, it also reflects on the ceiling and creates this splash of light rays that gives me an aquatic feel.”

The waterfall and skylight above the floating mattress are methods for Ling to have entry to nature regardless of residing within the metropolis.

The floor and steel ladder are in the water.

The waterfall drops right into a shallow moat that separates the remainder of the primary ground from a metal staircase that results in the floating mattress.

Antoine Bootz for David Laing Architect

“Water is interesting because it really follows its own laws, how it flows and how it reacts to light. All those things are magical to me, so I really enjoy being around water.” Sure,” Ling said. “I believe it has to do with the sound as effectively.”

Ling said the waterfall can be turned on and off and the amount of water can be adjusted with a series of valves.

Ling said he doesn’t use the waterfall all the time, and especially not during the summer, when it’s humid.

“I primarily use it within the winter, or when there is a occasion or one thing I wish to rejoice, I am going to flip it on,” Ling said. “Within the winter when the humidity is low, I virtually crave that further humidity as a result of that dries out your pores and skin.”

Whereas Ling let her creativeness run wild when designing the primary degree, she took a extra conservative method when adorning the higher flooring.

View of the second floor.

View of the second ground.

Cody McGovern / The Corcoran Group through Rise Media

“I really just cleaned up and kept the original character of the second and third floors because they were about to be rented out,” Ling mentioned.

Ling says he is aware of not everybody will agree with the way in which he is chosen to embellish his a part of the home.

“It’s not for everyone, but it definitely is for me,” Ling mentioned. “The ground floor is really my laboratory for ideas. I don’t expect anyone to live like me, but I feel I have a right to live in my own world.”

When Ling purchased the property in 2000, he allowed one of many widows of the earlier homeowners to hire the place and reside there till her loss of life.

One of the bedrooms on the second floor.

One of many bedrooms on the second ground.

Cody McGovern / The Corcoran Group through Rise Media

Ling’s loft is featured in a 2018 Netflix collection titled “amazing interiors,

Apart from New York, Ling also has an office in Florida. He says he is now selling the property as he is spending less time in New York.

“I am additionally at some extent in life the place I do not want as a lot area. I’ve two different properties, and I do not want as a lot stuff,” Ling mentioned.

The third ground is at present being leased to an artist, who’s utilizing it as his studio.

The third floor is currently being rented out to an artist who is using it as his studio.

The third ground is at present being rented out to an artist who’s utilizing it as his studio.

Cody McGovern / The Corcoran Group through Rise Media

Ling most well-liked to maintain the hire quantity personal.

Ling mentioned the property can be good for somebody who is ready to earn a living from home and is a big area with attention-grabbing architectural components.

Ling mentioned, “An ideal buyer will hopefully appreciate the existing building and its character. I don’t expect them to live the way I do, but they understand where I’m coming from.” “Definitely someone like me would be a good fit.”

Constructing class and zoning rules enable for industrial and residential use, so future homeowners have the choice of making a mixed-use area as effectively, Cardinali, an actual property agent, informed Insider.

Ling mentioned, “There is very little in life that doesn’t have compromises. And my priority was space, light and sculpture because that’s what I love.”



Cody McGovern / The Corcoran Group through Rise Media

Ling says he’s conscious that some individuals suppose his love of the humanities is overriding the ceremony.

“Really though, I think it works out fine. I like to cook and the kitchen works well. I like to sleep and I don’t have any unusual sleeping habits like falling out of bed,” Ling mentioned. Stated. “I think it’s just a treat for my eyes. And even after 23 years, I love being in space.”


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