seth rogan answering Kanye Westcurrent feedback about 21 Jump Avenue,

After dealing with extreme backlash for his anti-Semitic remarks for a number of months, Kanye45, stated he “likes Jewish people again” after seeing Jonah Hill And Channing Tatum2012 film 21 Jump Avenue,

“Seeing Jonah Hill in 21 Jump Street made me like Jewish people again,” Kanye Wrote on Instagram final month. “One should not harbor anger against one or two persons and turn it into hatred towards millions of innocent people.”

Whereas Jonah39, has not publicly addressed Kanyeof feedback to this point, Seth , JonahOk’s shut buddy and frequent collaborator – had one thing to say about it.

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In a brand new interview with CinemaBlend, Seth burst out laughing after studying about KanyeRemark in regards to the movie.

“you know what? [Hill] It can be possible,” Seth stated in accordance to UpRoxx, Glad to be out of that one. However you recognize what? Properly! Executed!

He stated, “They should send that movie out around the world – let everyone see it! I wrote some of the jokes for that movie, so I felt a little bit proprietary.”

Learn how the director 21 Jump Avenue reacted KanyeFeedback of.

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