Declan is home-schooled on the bus—referred to as “road-schooling”—whereas Hadley learns preschool-age expertise.

Ashley informed Insider in August 2022 that she was scrolling on-line at some point when she found “road-schooling,” which suggests the children are home-schooled whereas the household travels full-time. The invention helped encourage the household’s transfer.

“It would be amazing for our family,” she mentioned at the time. “Declan will get to experience more life. He’ll get to see a lot more.”

Declan started on-line education after kindergarten, first enrolling in Abeka’s homeschooling program earlier than settling into Alpha Omega’s Monarch program. Each applications present course supplies for elementary, center college, and highschool college students.

“He loves it because it’s on the computer,” Ashley mentioned. “I think he thinks he’s getting extra screen time when he does school, so he’s into it.” He added that Declan is sort of impartial on the subject of college exterior of the occasional query.

Hadley continues to be in pre-school and dealing on age-appropriate expertise.

When requested what their plans are for the future, together with when their kids are rising up and if they’ll proceed to take the bus to highschool, the couple mentioned they’ll take care of the challenges as they come up.

“When that time comes, they’ll tell us what they need from us and we’ll pivot,” Ashley mentioned. “When the time comes, we’ll know what feels right.”


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